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Grateful Hearts

Our strong network of alumni and women in recovery.

The Grateful Hearts are the women who either went through Friendly House or are of service to the women in the house. We strive to keep the doors of Friendly House open so that others will continue to experience the miracle. When we so desperately needed Friendly House the doors were open to us and now we pass on that gift. We delight in our opportunity to share our experiences, strength and hope.

The goal of the Grateful Hearts is to give back through love and by raising funds to help meet the immediate needs of the women in the House as well as help pay for outside activities and field trips. The women of Grateful Hearts believe that it’s important for the women to know that getting sober doesn’t have to be the end of life – rather it is the beginning.

Are you a Friendly House alum? Want to keep in touch with Friendly House and with other alumni? For information contact: (213) 389-9964

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