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About Us

Friendly House was founded in 1951 and was the first residential program for women recovering from substance and alcohol abuse.

The organization is solely supported by private donations and grants, by the fundraising efforts of the Board of Directors, Grateful Hearts (former residents of Friendly House), and special events such as our Annual Awards Luncheon and other events.

It is our mission to continue to provide an environment in which women can recover from the devastation of drug and alcohol addiction and progress toward healthy families and communities.

We seek to achieve a stabilized recovery from addiction, renew family relationships, and help reintegrate each woman back into the community.

In order to help achieve this goal, Friendly House offers:

12-Step Meetings

Process Groups

One-on-one Counseling

Family Program

Daily Educational Groups

Wellness Program

Fitness Program

Equine Therapy

In March of 1951, Friendly House was born

It all started with a dream and Bea Jorgensen.

Bea wanted to create a home where women could feel safe, a home where they would be loved unconditionally while they learned to love themselves.

She started by going to the Los Angeles County Jail to visit women incarcerated there. At first she met resistance from the sheriff’s department, but gradually through persistence and demonstrated success, she won the department’s support. Bea raised money to support the house from friends in the community. Contributions were raised on a month-to-month basis – even day to day.

It was Bea’s constant desire and second dream come true to be able to leave Friendly House in the hands of someone who shared her love and dedication to its continuing efforts. That person would be Peggy Albrecht.

Peggy joined the staff of Friendly House in 1983. Under Peggy’s loving guidance, Friendly House has grown in stature, strength, and reputation into two thriving residential homes.

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