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Pregnancy and Addiction

09:07 22 February in by Admin

Being pregnant can be an unbelievable time in one’s life. Every woman’s pregnancy experience will be unique. For some, pregnancy can feel overwhelming, exciting, nerve-wracking, great, horrible, exhausting, energizing all at the same time. Regardless of the unique combination of emotions each pregnant mother may...

Top 6 Sober Girls Night Ideas

11:54 14 February in by Admin

  When in recovery, it is important find different ways to have a good time. Surrounding oneself with other sober people is definitely helpful. Going out for a fun night with friends can help people to deepen relationships and support networks. Below is a list of...

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day—Sober

09:07 08 February in by Admin

There can be an incredible amount of pressure placed on Valentine’s Day and how you plan to spend it. This day should be all about love and honoring oneself and your partner. Make sure you also remember to take some time on Valentine’s Day to...

Being a Mom and Staying Sober

06:02 26 January in by Admin

It is fascinating how the second one becomes a mother her identity completely shifts. Simply assuming the title, mother, can have a great effect on one’s psyche. Being a mom and maintaining sobriety are two fulltime, all-encompassing jobs. The second you become a mom you...

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