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Top 6 Sober Girls Night Ideas

Sober Girls Night Ideas

When in recovery, it is important find different ways to have a good time. Surrounding oneself with other sober people is definitely helpful.

Going out for a fun night with friends can help people to deepen relationships and support networks. Below is a list of six options for a sober night out with some friends:

1. Spa Night

Let loose with some of your closest gal pals with a luxurious spa night. Spa nights can be filled with manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, steam rooms and so much more. One of the awesome things about a spa night is that most spas will allow a custom package. If you and your friends aren’t into the exact same treatments, spas can often accommodate and work with the entire group to make sure everyone gets what they want. Also, a spa night can take up a bunch of time, or could just be a quick thing with some friends, depending on the treatments selected. Treating yourself to any spa treatment can be rejuvenated and refreshing, and if you do it with friends it can create some really fun memories.

2. See a Play

There is something quite alluring about sitting in a dark theater and watching a play. The knowledge that everyone is sitting and viewing the same performance, in the same space creates a sense of togetherness. Supporting the local theater arts scene and being an audience member at a play can also feel super supportive. Seeing a play is a good option for group of people, but it can also be an awesome thing to do stag.

3. Art Night

Art can be incredibly healing. Exercising one’s creativity through drawing, working with clay, painting…etc. can also be very entertaining. Creating something, no matter the media, can give someone a sense of accomplishment. Being creative, while in the company of a group of people you feel safe and comfortable with, can be a great way spend an evening. It can especially be gratifying to have a night out with friends and make co creations together, or even just be creative in the same space while working on separate pieces. One of the best parts about an art night is that in most cases you will have a tangible memory of the evening. Depending on the type of art, you will most likely get to take home your masterpiece at the end of the night.

4. Stargazing

It may sound silly, but bringing a picnic full of some good food, comfortable blankets, and some great friends to an outdoor spot can be super fun. Laying out and staring up at the stars can feel extremely freeing. Searching the night’s sky for the different constellations, or even just seeing the incredible number of stars lit up in the sky can be breathtaking. Being in nature, having the freedom to chat, loudly, with friends—what could be bad?

5. Drive in Movie

Sometimes hanging in your car can be really relaxing. Going to a drive-in movie with your friends could be the perfect plan for girls’ night out. Some of the perks of going to a drive-in movie are catching a great film in the comfort of your own car, being able to talk through the whole thing (if you want) without being hushed, and enjoying some candy or popcorn, or getting whatever food you want (because you can in your car!).

6. Cooking Class

Nourishing one’s body is a fundamental step of self-care. It is not uncommon for individual who have been struggling with addiction or substance abuse to let the importance of one’s food intake fall to the backburner. Let’s face it, food is not really a priority when substance abuse and addiction are in the picture. Sometimes cooking may feel intimidating for some individuals. Gathering a group of friends and attending a cooking class together can alleviate some of that angst. Learning how to make a nourishing, healthy, delicious meal can also be motivating. One of the best parts of a cooking class is that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of it, and eat all of your hard work!

Further Resources

Every city will offer a variety of local entertainment. Even if the above options don’t sound too exciting, it is very important to stay busy and keep an active social life in recovery. Do a quick online search for some fun activities for a group of friends and see what resonates with you. Let yourself explore the hidden gems of your neighborhood.

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