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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day — Sober

Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day

There can be an incredible amount of pressure placed on Valentine’s Day and how you plan to spend it. This day should be all about love and honoring oneself and your partner.

Make sure you also remember to take some time on Valentine’s Day to self-care. Below are ten ideas of how you could enjoy Valentine’s Day, and many of them could be enjoyed with your companion or alone. The most important thing to remember is that, though it is a special day, it is just one day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect. It will be lovely, no matter how you choose to spend it or whom you choose to spend it with.

1. Get Outdoors

Spending time in nature can be a very nourishing pastime. Going for a walk, hike, or a swim on Valentine’s Day may sound simple, but could be very relaxing and might be exactly what you need.

2. Go to a Movie

Movie night is a classic way to spend Valentine’s Day. You finally have an excuse to catch that movie you’ve been meaning to see, and a free night to do so.

3. Make a Home Cooked Meal

Enjoying a home cooked meal can be an excellent way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to try out a new recipe or perfect a favorite staple recipe. Spending time planning a menu, grocery shopping, and cooking is definitely a labor of love.

4. Binge Watch a TV Show

Sometimes staying in the comfort of your own home and kicking back with your favorite blanket and snacks, curled up on the couch, and watching TV can be a perfect setup for a cozy, romantic night in. Try out that new show you have been hearing about or watch a season of an old classic. Either way, escaping into a TV show with your bae can be very comforting.

5. Get a Massage

You can get a massage if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, or you could go for a couple’s massage if you are hanging with your partner. Treating yourself to a massage can be a deluxe experience. Massages can also be a romantic experience, ideal for a special Valentine’s Day.

6. Go to a Cooking Class

Some people find cooking to be very relaxing. Going to a cooking class with your companion and making a delicious meal for each other can feel like and be quite the accomplishment. Being able to enjoy your hard work, and taste your love for each other manifested through your cooking can be an extraordinary treat.

7. Art Class

In most locations, there are usually many options of different art class available. Sometimes these can fill up quickly, so planning ahead for a Valentine’s Day art class is best. Depending on your skill level and preference, you could find a themed class, that focuses on Valentine’s Day, or just a regular art class that happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Being in a creative space with your companion can provide a special kind of connection. In most cases, you will get to leave with a takeaway. You will get to go home with an art piece that you made, that will be a tangible reminder of the night and your unique Valentine’s Day activity.

8. Brunch

Starting Valentine’s Day with a nourishing and relaxed activity can set the stage for a really fun rest of your day. Going out to your favorite brunch spot with your partner can be a fun way to start the day. Brunch can be a long, leisurely, enjoyable experience you can relish with your companion.

9. Go to a Yoga Class

The variety of yoga classes available today is huge. Attending a yoga class on any day, but especially Valentine’s Day, is a fantastic way to get centered. The stretching and breathing is excellent for your body. One of the best parts about yoga is that you really are meant to only be concerned and focused on yourself. There is no element of competition or judgment. Whether you are new to yoga or not, attending a private class, just for you and your partner, or a public class can be an excellent way to reconnect with your body and feel good about yourself.

10. Game Night

Pull out those old board games and have a fun game night with your partner. You could even try learning to play a new game together. Whenever you pull out your games in the future you will be reminded of the game night you spent with your companion on Valentine’s Day.

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