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How much is therapy at Kaiser?

How much is therapy at Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente is the largest not-for-profit managed care organization in America and was founded in 1945. It is made up of three organizations: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Permanente Medical Groups. It offers high-quality and affordable healthcare through individual and family medical insurance plans. Kaiser provides medical insurance to approximately 12.4 million members in America. As of 2021, Kaiser Permanente plans became available for purchase through the Marketplace in several states including California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Oregon. The specific mental health treatment coverage may vary between Kaiser Permanente plans, but all include some level of coverage for in-network providers (such as Friendly House) delivering outpatient, intensive outpatient, and inpatient mental health treatment services.

There are several contributing factors that play into the out-of-pocket cost of therapy. According to Psychology Today there are over sixty-five different types of therapeutic modalities currently offered in the mental health field. Every mental health provider will charge a fee for his or her services. Some providers will accept insurance, and some will not. As stated by Kaiser Permanente “Everyone’s mental health and wellness journey is different…mental health care is not one-size-fits-all.” In efforts to ensure each member gets what they need, Kaiser has simplified the process for obtaining mental health treatment and unlike other health insurance companies, Kaiser plans do not require a referral to access mental health services. However, akin to all medical insurance companies, Kaiser offers its own set of tiered medical coverage plans that consist of different in and out-of-network benefits, deductibles, monthly premiums, and related coverage. Typically plans that require less expensive monthly premiums often provide less expansive coverage. Good Therapy asserts that the average cost of therapy in America ranges from $65 per hour to $250 or more.

To know the exact amount therapy will cost through Kaiser, you must not only make sure the mental health provider you have selected accepts insurance as a form of payment, but also must understand the mental health benefits specially provided under your plan. Kaiser recognizes that everyone is unique, and each person will require personalized treatment to accommodate one’s nuanced mental health needs, which is why they do provide coverage for an array of in network mental health professionals providing therapeutic services. On the back of your insurance card there is a member’s services phone number that you can call to ask detailed questions regarding coverage to understand how much your plan will pay for therapy and what, if any, your possible out-of-pocket contribution may be. 

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