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How Can You Detox Your Body Permanently?


Detox, or detoxification, is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.” The detox process enables your body to expel built-up toxins you are harboring in your organs and tissues. Although our bodies have an innate ability to rid our systems of toxins, there are ways we can support the detoxification process. There are different kinds of toxins we are susceptible to all around us and absorbing some of them is inevitable. Hence, rather than focusing on how to detox your body permanently, which would be nearly impossible, it is most effective to implement certain lifestyle and dietary modifications that can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system. Consider the following:

  • Change your diet: A nutrient-rich, nourishing diet can stimulate your liver, kidney, and colon, which are the primary organs for removing toxins from your body. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants can increase your body’s natural ability to continuously cleanse and detoxify itself, such as:
    • Avocado: a nutrient-dense food that is loaded with antioxidants to help the body naturally expel toxins. Avocados also contain around twenty different vitamins and minerals that help decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
    • Asparagus: contains a well-known antioxidant called, glutathione that promotes detoxification. Asparagus is also an excellent source of fiber, folate, iron, and vitamins A, C, E, and K.
    • Beets: the most notable nutrient in beets is called betaine, which helps the liver rid itself of toxins. Beets also contain a soluble fiber called pectin that clears toxins that have been removed from the liver.
    • Cabbage: contains a chemical that helps the body fight against toxins, called sulforaphane
    • Watercress: is packed with a variety of detoxifying nutrients such as several B vitamins, zinc, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It also contains natural diuretic properties that can help to flush toxins out of the body.
  • Prioritize hydration: Drink water right when you wake up in the morning and continue drinking water throughout the day. As is explained by experts, “water makes up over two-thirds of the healthy human body… it lubricates the joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste and toxins, and keeps the skin healthy.” To kick it up a notch, try drinking lemon water. Lemon water is high in vitamin C and potassium, and drinking warm lemon water has been found to promote and improve digestion and boost immunity, helping to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. On average, it is recommended to drink 64 oz of water, daily.  
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising not only releases endorphins, but by accelerating your heart and causing your body to sweat, you are eliminating unhealthy toxins through your pores. It also stimulates blood circulation and quickens breathing which promote the release of toxins.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep is a fundamental necessity of life, and even a minor sleep deficit can have a significant effect on your physical and mental health. Obtaining ample sleep helps your body flush out excess toxins, boosts digestion, promotes mental clarity, and is critical to overall health. 

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