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Can Yoga Help A Person Stay Sober

Can Yoga Help A Person Stay Sober

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India, some say close to ten thousand years ago.

The English meaning of the Sanskrit word, yoga, is union. Yoga was, and still is, used to help unite a person’s mind, body, and spiritual self. Many people in the western civilization most commonly use yoga primarily as a form of exercise. The connection between one’s mind, body, and spirit are deeply integrated into the traditional practice of yoga. Therefore, even if a person thinks he or she may only be engaging in a yoga practice for the physical benefits, he or she is undoubtedly receiving additional benefits.

Much like any exercise, or practice, what a person gets from it will be equal to the amount of commitment and energy he or she puts into it.

If a person wishes to remain sober, spending time practicing yoga is a healthy and positive alternative to some of the other pastime options available. There will most likely be very few, if any at all, temptations or triggers for a person struggling with substance abuse or addicting during a yoga class. A person will be surrounded by other people who value health and choose to spend time physically, emotionally, and spiritually bettering him or herself.

Integrating a daily yoga practice into one’s life can be extremely beneficial, especially for those who struggle with substance abuse or addiction.

Some of the great parts about yoga is how you can experience personal growth. Not every person is the same, and each individual will have different poses that they prefer and different poses that they find particularly challenging. It is also not uncommon for these preferences to shift throughout one’s practice. Working through the challenging poses and getting to a place where you feel comfortable, or are even able to enjoy a previously difficult pose can be incredibly motivating.

Yoga is all about you.

It provides a time and space for individuals to take the time to connect with and listen to his or her own body. Improving one’s flexibility is inevitable over time when a person regularly practices yoga. Simply feeling the difference in your body from when you started a particular class to the end of the class, can be encouraging and refreshing. During one’s yoga practice, he or she must be solely focused on him or herself. There will be many tricky poses that can be explored and in order to do so a person must be fully present in his or her practice. Allowing yourself to participate in a regular yoga practice will help you grow as a person. It can help to increase your patience, compassion, and endurance.

Yoga is a holistic approach to exercise.

It works muscles that many traditional workout classes and exercise machines do not address. It requires the full presence of a person throughout the entire duration of the practice. It encourages a person to focus on one’s own breath, as one’s breath is typically used as a tool for keeping pace during a class and making sure each yoga pose is held for an equal amount of time.

When it comes down to it, the healthier choices you integrate into your daily life, the healthier life you will have.

If you are spending your time practicing yoga, your mind will be occupied with living in the present, which will, in turn, reduce your temptation for relapse. The community that you can form with the individuals that you meet in a yoga class can be a fantastic resource for you and help you to grow your network of supportive people.

Further Information

Yoga is widely known, nowadays, and there is an abundance of locations that offer classes for those who wish to try it out. Each teacher will be somewhat different, and there are many different types of yoga currently available. You should feel free to ask questions about the different types offered, if you do not know which to try out first. Yoga can be an excellent way to make new friends, and stay in shape, grounded, and grateful. Give yourself a chance to incorporate a new healthy pastime into your life.

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