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8 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Sober

Celebrate New Year’s Sober

The holidays bring with them many different emotions for people. Individuals in substance abuse and addiction recovery often have an added layer of challenges when it comes to celebrating the holidays as his or her authentic self.

Whether it be consciously or unconsciously, a significant piece of substance abuse and addiction, for many people, is that individuals abuse drugs or alcohol to escape some portion of their life. There are several ways an individual in substance abuse or addiction recovery can have a successful New Year’s celebration. Below are eight ideas for individuals in recovery to have a sober New Year’s celebration.

1. Bon Fire

Relaxing near a bon fire with great friends can be an excellent way to bring in the New Year’s. A bon fire on New Year’s with fire roasted treats, like hot dogs and s’mores, while sitting around laughing and connecting with your friends is a great way enjoy the evening. You also can incorporate the bon fire into an activity. For example, you and your friends can write down on paper, parts of your previous year that you wish to let go of and throw the papers into the fire, literally letting them go.

2. Movie Night

New Year’s can add a lot of unnecessary pressure. If you want to keep it low key, get some good snacks together and have a movie night. You can invite as many or as few people as you want, but pick out a good film, cozy up and relax into the New Year.

3. Cook

Use New Year’s as an excuse to cook yourself a gourmet meal. You could even try cooking a bunch of horderves, or a fancy dessert. Give yourself a chance to explore your culinary skills. Try out a recipe that you never thought you could master, and you may just surprise yourself.

4. Game Night

Let your inner child unleash with board games, puzzles, word games, and all those fun games from your childhood. Try out some new games too, a little healthy competition amongst friends or family can be a great way to celebrate New Year’s. Depending on how many people are at your game night, it could also be fun to have different types of games all going at the same time.

5. See Fireworks

Some of the most spectacular firework displays, besides on the Fourth of July, happen all around the world on New Year’s Eve. Venture out and enjoy the awesome, colorful, live fireworks.

6. Make A Vision Board

New Year’s is a perfect time to dream, and set goals for yourself. Get a bunch of magazines, and make yourself a vision board. Dare to dream and include all of your far-reaching desires.

7. Art Project

Get your creative juices flowing with a fun art project on New Year’s. Your art project can be in whatever medium you choose. It can be a solo project or co-creation with whomever you have around. Whatever you decide to create, if you choose to keep it, it can serve as a visual reminder of your creative New Year’s activity in the year to come.

8. Ball Drop

The countdown to the ball dropping can be thrilling and exciting. For many people, it is the tangibly visible marking of the ending of the previous year and the beginning of the next. Whether it be standing in New York City’s Times Square, or watching it on TV, don’t let yourself miss the ball drop.

New Year’s is a time to make yearly resolutions and to revisit goals of years past. The above ideas are merely suggestions.

It is important that you decide a way to celebrate New Year’s that resonates with you and feels like a good fit. It is also essential to remember that nothing is perfect, so even if you plan the best New Year’s celebration, it may turn out much differently than you had intended. Stay true to yourself and allow yourself to celebrate New Year’s as your authentic, sober self.

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