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5 Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas

For whatever reason, in today’s society an integral part of a bachelorette party seems to be getting intoxicated, whether it be with drugs or alcohol.

This could be due to social media and movies, or it could be the easiest way to make light of the weight that marriage is, but the reasoning behind it is really irrelevant. If you are sober, or the bride you are planning a bachelorette party for is sober, it is important to respect one’s sobriety and plan an awesome bachelorette party that doesn’t include getting blackout wasted or crazy intoxicated. There are a ton of ways to celebrate someone getting married without including drugs or alcohol into the mix. Obviously, there are many more options than the five I have listed below, and if none of these resonate with you, just used them as ideas to get your bachelorette party planning juices flowing.

1. Glamping

For you ladies who love the outdoors, glamping could be the perfect bachelorette party idea. Yes, it is camping, but in a super posh and comfortable way. You can enjoy a yummy and fancy meal, get to sleep on mattresses in tents (that you didn’t have to put up) and get to be in completely surrounded by mother nature’s beauty.  Spending the night around a fire, under the stars can be refreshing. Getting out of your everyday routine and away from your house, and away from some of the possible stressors that might come with planning a wedding, can be just what the bride needs right before her wedding.

2. Pajama Party

Some people love to stay in. Having your closest girl-friends all hanging together inside can be a blast. You can watch movies, make or have a wide variety of yummy snacks and do all the traditional bachelorette activities (pin the penis on the guy, decorate penis cakes, open presents and make a wrapping/bow flower bouquet…etc.). You could also pick your favorite movie to watch together and just lay low for the night. Sometimes a little relaxation before the big wedding day is much needed.

3. Beach Night

Having an evening that rolls into night at the beach can be awesome. Taking off your shoes, having a fire pit in the sand with yummy s’mores and other treats can be exciting and relaxing. Telling stories, scary or silly, can be a great way to connect to your closest buddies before you head down the aisle. Depending on the weather, going for a swim, before it gets dark, can fell cleansing. It’s like you are washing away your single life and preparing for a married life, with your best friends, in a huge ocean.

4. Spa

Most women love spending time at a spa. If you choose to do a spa day or evening, many facilities will allow you and your party to take over the location. Enjoying whatever spa treatment or treatments you like, right before you get married, can be super relaxing. In the quiet, peaceful ambiance of a spa you won’t even think about drugs or alcohol. Depending on how close the bachelorette party is in relation to your wedding, you could also use this time to get you and your friends nails done for the wedding. So, a spa day or night can be fun and productive!

5. Chocolate Making

Now, if you are not a chocolate person, this is obviously not the choice for you. If, however, you love chocolate, going to a chocolate making class with your lady friends can be incredibly fun, and delicious. Learning the art of making chocolate gets your creative juices flowing. You can often make a bunch of different flavors combinations and experiment with shapes and designs. You not only get to learn how to make and decorate scrumptious chocolate, but you get to eat it, and in lots of classes will get sent home with a bunch of it too!

It is totally possible to have an awesome, memorable bachelorette party without drugs or alcohol. It may require a tiny bit more planning, and lots more creativity, but ultimately can be fantastic. Also, if you and your friends aren’t intoxicated, you will be able to fully remember the entire night. The likelihood of horrible decisions made will diminish, significantly, and you will be able to look back on the party with clear memories. After all, a lot of effort goes into planning a bachelorette party, who really wants everyone to forget it so fast?

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