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Tips On Finding An Interventionist In Los Angeles

An intervention is a type of meeting that is often relied upon and held by concerned friends and/ or family members of an individual in need of substance abuse and/ or addiction treatment.

Interventions can be done in a variety of ways. The purpose of an intervention is to create a controlled environment that enables the loved one’s of the individual in need of treatment to share how the they have been negatively affected by his or her choices and urge him or her to agree to obtain treatment. Every individual is different and will have nuanced emotions and unique thoughts when it comes to his or her intervention. Regardless, the singular goal of an intervention is to reach the individual in a way that allows them agree to attend treatment. Achieving this goal can be challenging, which is why having a professional, such as an interventionist, assist in developing an intervention plan, facilitate the intervention, as well as provide guidance for subsequent steps can be invaluable. 

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What To Look For

There are several things to consider when identifying an interventionist that will be the best fit for your situation. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind:

    1. Timing is everything: it is imperative to make sure an interventionist is available when you’d like the intervention to take place. Do not delay the intervention to accommodate the interventionist’s schedule. Even if you locate your ideal interventionist, if he or she is unavailable when you need him or her, move on. 
    2. External participation: every interventionist is different and will recommend and/ or request varying degrees of participation from the members present. There is usually some amount participation required by the loved one’s of the individual in need of treatment; make sure you are comfortable with whatever level of participation the interventionist is requesting. 
    3. Organization: make sure the interventionist provides a rough schedule or agenda prior to the intervention. Regardless of how it is structured, an intervention should flow smoothly with a clear beginning, middle and end. Planning ahead of time can help the intervention run as efficiently and effectively as possible. 
    4. Plan, Plan, Plan: although it would be lovely to assume a positive outcome, no one knows the results of an intervention prior to it taking place. It is important to work with your interventionist to come up with a plan for a variety of different potential outcomes (i.e. what to do if he or she rejects help, where to send him or her to treatment if he or she accepts help…etc.). Knowing the next steps will allow you to feel as prepared as possible regardless of outcome. 

An intervention can be an incredibly private and personal experience, both for the participants as well as the individual in need of treatment. It is helpful to bear in mind that every interventionist has his or her own style. Do not get discouraged if the first interventionist you speak with is not a great fit. Instead, noting the areas that you found undesirable will help you narrow your search. 

Local Interventionists

There are a plethora of options when it comes to selecting an interventionist. The selection process can seem rather daunting, as narrowing down one’s specific needs relating to an interventionist can be challenging. Interventionists can provide a wide range of support to those planning and/ or participating in an intervention. To help get you started here are links to some local interventionists in Los Angeles, California:

Please note that depending on the situation, it is not uncommon for an interventionist to travel. While there are many local options, should you be in need of a more specialized interventionist, or for whatever the reason may be, do not hesitate to look outside of Los Angeles. 

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Further Information

Substance abuse and addiction can be incredibly dangerous.

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse or addiction, please get help as soon as possible. The earlier you seek support, the sooner you and your loved ones can return to happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. There is no reason to go through this alone. Please feel free to reach out to us for further information or with any questions regarding substance abuse or addiction. 

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