Residential Treatment

Women seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

Recovery treatment at Peggy Albrecht Friendly House will entail residents’ full participation in a modified therapeutic community that includes an array of program activities and professional services designed to support the recovery process.  All recovery planning/case management, individual counseling, group counseling and educational group sessions will be provided by certified and/or licensed recovery treatment professionals. The community itself will function much like a family unit that relies upon and encourages group affiliation, unity, teamwork, accountability and mutual support. Residents will be immersed in a culture of recovery characterized by a twelve-step philosophy of daily living that emphasizes personal and social responsibility, honesty in word and deed, willingness, commitment, and integrity. Explicit rules and behavioral norms that serve as guidelines for “right living” will be enforced and reinforced with a variety of behavioral contingencies. Participation in daily chores, house meetings and other community activities will be an integral part of the treatment regimen as residents learn self-discipline, time management, organizational, communication and other vital life skills.


Program activities will consist of a multidimensional blend of clinical, educational, structured therapeutic and support group activities. Individual Recovery Planning/Case Management Sessions refer to weekly one-on-one recovery planning and evaluation consultations that will clearly identify each resident’s recovery-related needs or problems, the objectives to be achieved that address those problems, the action steps that will be taken to accomplish those objectives and target dates for accomplishing those action steps and objectives. Recovery Planning/Case Management Sessions will also include an ongoing and thorough multidimensional assessment of residents’ medical, psychiatric, legal, educational, occupational and financial needs; developing an action plan with explicit and time-framed action steps and goals that address those needs (including referrals to community agencies and organizations); and monitoring residents progress with accomplishing those goals. (In addition to providing on-site recovery support services, the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House will work in close collaboration with a variety of local medical, mental health, social service and employment development agencies and organizations that provide many of the services that are so vital to resident’s successful rehabilitation – including the Saban Medical Clinic, the Hollywood Mental Health Center, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center and the Work Source Employment Development Agency). Each resident’s recovery plan will be reviewed and revised as necessary every seven days at weekly recovery planning/case management meetings.

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