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Friendly House provides an environment in which women can recover from the devastation of drug and alcohol addiction and progress toward healthy families and communities.

We seek to achieve a stabilized recovery from addiction,
renew family relationships, and help reintegrate each woman back into the community.

In order to help achieve this goal, Friendly House offers:

12-Step Meetings

Process Groups

One-on-one Counseling

Family Program

Daily Educational Groups

Wellness Program

Fitness Program

Equine Therapy

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Residential Treatment

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Sober Living

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Call (213) 389-8810

I was referred to Friendly House thru my employer's Employee Assistance Program for a family member that needed immediate assistance. The call was answered by Kelli Easley. I'm so grateful to have spoken with Kelli, because she had such an abundance of knowledge and understanding and was immediately able to help get my family member into 90 day treatment program. I had spoken to several other programs, however, no others offered what was offered at Friendly House. This facility is located in a beautiful home in L.A. and is staffed with the best professionals in the field. Thank you Friendly House!

I quietly struggled with a severe drug addiction for most of my adult life, that I was able to hide for the sake of my family, my friends and my job.
I had no hope of living a clean, free and normal life..after so many years I was finally desperate for help.
Friendly House gave me the help I needed, to return to a healthy , free and sober life.
I treasure my relationships with the family of fine women of Friendly House.
I am forever grateful !

At the age of (almost 40), it was a difficult process to admit that I needed help with my addiction. For me, the the quintessential first step in this process was finding the best program that would empower me to achieve sobriety.

The Friendly House works diligently to process the modality of mental, emotional, and any other encompassing contributors that may become potential triggers. In doing so, each woman has establishes the ability to develop specified coping mechanisms designed to prevent relapse. This component of continued support once a resident leaves the facility has been invaluable in my own personal recovery, and I fully recommend the Friendly House to anyone who is ready to take the next right step in their recovery.

Friendlyhouse brings together a full spectrum of treatment options
demonstrating incredible success rates for our clients.